Commit NOW To Be Healthy In 2020 With A FVM Race!

We want our runners to save money while at the same time have the most flexibility in their options!
Why wait?  Here’s how you can get the lowest prices for next year’s races!
-Buy FVM Cash!  $20 saves you $40. (Opens up again during Naperville)
-Register early (before 1/1/20 for the lowest prices)
-Register for the longest distance you might want to run next fall.  You can always move down race day to any race shorter than you registered for and be an official finisher of that race!  For example, if you register for the full, you can choose to run the 20 or half race day!
 And if you decide you can’t make it you can always defer your entry to either the 2020 Fox Valley Races or the 2020 Naperville Half!

Click here for more information on FVM Race registration.