Love Is Still The Answer

In 2018 our St Charles manager Glen Kamps conceived the idea of the Progressive Marathon to run in conjunction with the training season of the annual Fox Valley Marathon and Half Marathon races. As a major sponsor, the store regularly hosts training runs and course preview runs for the race. Kamps realized there are many in the community who would love the sense of accomplishment that comes along with completion of a marathon, so he worked together with the Fox Valley Special Recreation Association to form the Progressive Marathon. A team of adults with special needs trained and ran 25 miles at their own pace over the summer and finished the final 1.2 miles on September 16th at the Fox Valley Races along with all the other runners.

“We are so excited that they’ll be able to say they ran a marathon,” Kamps said. “This is something they never thought they should, could, or would ever be able to do, and they’re going to do it.” You can watch a video documenting the experience here: