Aetrex 3D Foot Scanning Now Available

Dick Pond Staff Showing Aetrex Scan

We’re excited to announce that we now feature Aetrex 3D Foot Scanning technology in our store. Our new Aetrex machine takes a complete 3D scan and pressure profile of both of your feet, then uses the data to recommend the perfect orthotic insert.

We take the time to explain what your scan data means.

Aetrex orthotics are unlike any other kind of insert you’ve tried. Using your foot scan, cushion is placed in the areas your foot most needs it based on detected ‘hot spots’ of pressure. Another unique feature is the correct anatomical placement of arch support, meaning the arch is placed in the actual arch, not where the arch is visually. The result is a surprising feel at first that translates into far more effective support of the arch of the foot.

foot being scanned by aetrex machine
A pressure map, image and 3D scan are taken and can be sent to your email.

We offer Aetrex in four different varieties, each with their range of cushion and arch placement – speed, training, comfort and cleats. All data from your foot scan is emailed to you for reference later, and all of our staff have been certified to properly use the foot scanner to find your ideal orthotic fit.

The next time you’re in, ask for a scan and see what Aetrex is right for you!