We run every Saturday morning, 52 weeks a year (for the past 6 years) at 7:00 AM sharp!  Mileage starts the year in late May at 2- 3 miles and stays there until early March.  Then, it climbs to 6 miles by mid-May.

Paces are between 9 and 15 minutes per mile. There is a second part of our group called, “The Varsity.”  This sub-group is comprised of those runners who have spent at least a year in the beginning group (“The JV,”) and have graduated to higher mileage (6+ miles) and faster paces (6-11 minutes/mile).

The Saturday running course map for each of the groups is at the bottom of this newsletter. If you would like to get this email sent out every Wednesday (+/- a day), email me and get on the list!  Pick your best group, study your map, and get here to run with us!  We average 30 runners/Saturday – (50 in the winter, 20 in the summer).

Everyone is invited to coffee afterwards.  Any and all accessories and apparel are always 10% OFF when you attend any (we also run together on Tuesday and Thursday nights in the Spring, Summer, and Fall) of our club runs!  All of our running groups are FREE and no registration is necessary – just get here and, also, tell your friends about us!

To be added to our weekly send Glen an email.