Walk4Wellness (W4W) is a supervised, structured, 8-week wellness walking program.  Our goal is to build a foundation of better health and strength through progressively challenging  60-minute group sessions (30 minutes of walking) led by a walking coach.  Starting at your own pace, W4W can help you improve your form, pace, distance and time.  Most importantly, it can have significant impact on physical and mental health.  W4W is for anyone 16 years or older – whether you have never exercised before or if you are an avid walker.  BONUS: W4W is a great way to prepare for Dick Pond’s Walk2Run program!
Walk4Wellness Group

W4W Sessions:

Main session:

Mondays 6:30-7:30 p.m.  Meet at Dick Pond Athletics – walk at Pottawatomie Park

Bonus supervised sessions:

Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 a.m.
Join us at Dick Pond Athletics in St Charles for orientation – Wednesday March 18th at 7:00 pm

Is Walking Enough?

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I’m only able to walk,” or “I just walk”?
Be excited to walk! Walking is an exceptional form of exercise for the whole body.  Done right, wellness walking can lower your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes by 30-40% and breast cancer by 20-30%.
Walking is also extremely effective for weight loss.  In one study by the American Heart Association, researchers studied 12,000 people to determine how weight-promoting genes contributed to body weight. The genetic effect was cut in half in those who walked briskly an hour a day.  Wellness walking is a powerful tool against anxiety and depression as well – and shown to improve sleep and daytime energy.
All in all, wellness walking can help you feel well, look well and age well!  And if your goal is running, W4W can help you build the muscle and cardiovascular endurance to progress you to Walk2Run!